About Us

Recline and Dine is a restaurant and lounge in Cordova and is a new concept in dining. We are a "Reservation Only" Facility. We have partnered with Bow Tie Massage to enhance your experience with a massage (if desired) in addition to your meal. 

We all need to take time out to unplug from this stressful world and to take advantage of every opportunity to share quality time with friends and family. You can do that here at Recline and Dine.

1) First, receive a heated chair massage in our relaxing Lavender and Peppermint Infused Bubble Wall room. These chairs massage your neck and back, compress your arms and legs and vibrate the hips and buttocks. We have 8 chairs, so bring the whole crew! 

2) Next, walk on over to the beautiful restaurant where there's always relaxing jazz music playing. Your special Pre-Fixe menu offers you several options at a great price. Choose 1 item from each category to create your perfect meal. (Please see the "menu" page) 

3) After you've finished your meal, your server will give you a 10% off coupon that's good for 30 days to use on any of our spa services next door. Allow your server to give you a tour of our Spa side where we offer so much more in the way of relaxation.  

Ask for the "Reline and Dine" experience. (901) 221-1219

We also do table massage with hot stones, hot towels and aromatherapy and have Vitamin C Steam Showers with Eucalyptus to open up your sinuses.

Or, if you'd like a nice romantic session with not only a table massage, but a Private Peppermint hot tub session for 2, we can do that as well! We also do Spa parties and can accommodate large groups.

For a table massage and meal - Please call Bow Tie Massage at (901) 337-1140.

You can see all of their packages & prices on their website at www.bowtiemassage.com.