Hi (Name of Person):

I'm so glad that you chose Recline and Dine to hold your celebration.  I know that your guests will be blown away by our food, decor, as well as the service.  We are a full-service restaurant and bar and have delicious food and cocktails.

As a thank you to our guests who patronize our business with parties of 10 or more, we provide some complimentary items to make the celebration even more special.  We will decorate the table with graffiti, have the chairs adorned with ribbons, several balloons at the table, an elegant backdrop on our stage for photo taking and a special sign that we make called a "Bow It Up".  This sign will have a photo of your choice as well as a message that you provide.  This is all FREE to you!

To customize this dinner party for you, please give me as much information as possible.

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Please note that there is a $4 cake fee per person if you bring in your own cake, and a $25 cork fee (per bottle) if you bring in your own alcohol.

Your guests can pay separately or you can put it all on one card.  That is your option.

Also, please email the photo and message to this email for the Bow It Up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate in contacting me (texting is preferred).

We look forward to serving you and your group. We want you and your group to remember this for years to come.

Christina Mobley